Monday, March 10, 2014

Champion Design Proposal - Kevin Bacon

This champion is based off the monster from the classic film Tremors, so I named him Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon is a sort of giant worm that can burrow under ground and pop up and eat people. Here are some ability ideas:

Big Bite: Kevin Bacon wraps his giant maw full of teeth around his target, dealing physical damage and returning health to Kevin Bacon. If Kevin Bacon uses Big Bite while burrowed he pops out of the ground and snares his target, but deals less damage than he would above ground, and does not return health (see bottom part of picture above).

Burrow: Kevin Bacon burrows under the ground for a few seconds, gaining increased move speed, and becoming untargetable. Using any of Kevin Bacon's spells or attacking an enemy causes him to pop out of the ground and become targetable again. Getting a kill or assist reduces the cooldown of Burrow by x seconds.

Barb Spin: Kevin Bacon spins around in a circle, releasing barbs from his skin that deal AOE damage and slow his enemies.

Devour: Kevin Bacon wraps his mouth around an enemy and swallows them whole, dealing massive damage over a few seconds. This is an execute ability that deals more damage based on % health missing from the target. Devour is a channeled ability and can be canceled if Kevin Bacon is killed or interrupted.

I have to admit, this kit is pretty cheesy. It sounds fun though right? You get to eat people whole! I think Kevin Bacon would be played as a jungler or top laner. In the jungle, he could clear camps with his Barb Spin, lifesteal with Big Bite, then gank when he has Burrow, and his Big Bite would be good CC to catch enemy laners. Top lane, Burrow would be great for getting out of tricky situations (like Vladimir's pool).

Kevin Bacon deals a lot of damage, all at melee range, and he has an ability to become untargetable, so he would need to be quite squishy to make up for all that, like an assassin. That's why I think having a reset skill on Burrow that reduces the cooldown on kills or assists is good because it would let him escape if he successfully got kills. Also, I made his ultimate, Devour, a channeled ability because otherwise there would be no counterplay - he could just burrow up to a low health enemy surrounded by their team, pop out, and kill them. This makes the ability difficult to use, but definitely rewarding, especially if you get a reset.

Thanks for reading! Any feedback is appreciated so let me know what you think.

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